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Meet The Team

Helping you get the smile you have always wanted requires more than just a dentist. It requires the help of his staff in ensuring everything else is going correctly. I take pride in my staff and put in them my confidence. They are hardworking and loyal people who are just as dedicated to providing you the proper service.


  • Our receptionist is kind, accessible and prompt. She is there for your assistance and to help you communicate with me on what your best options are. She is also in charge of scheduling, managing payments, and other vital tasks which contribute to your experience at our office. She will notify you of openings and remind you of your appointments.


  • Our assistant helps during the procedure by making sure the patient is comfortable and making sure hygiene is properly maintained. She is a great listener and is a crucial part of the staff because of her help during the actual procedure, whether it be x-rays, suction, or clean-up. We want the procedure to be safe and effective, and are committed to taking the time to maintain this standard.